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As well as Commandos and Atlas, decals for others models are available where applicable.

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Part Numbers:
00040 to 00079
17731 to 25336
009195 to 060935
061017 to 063184
063742 to 064062
064880 to 900001
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1975 Commando 850 MKIII Electric Start

1973, 1974 Commando 750/850

1971, 1972 Commando 750

Add to cart buttons will be on the model pages very soon, for now just make a note of the Part Nos and go to the decal pages to order

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Please feel free to email me ( Jim ) with any enquiries. I will help out wherever possible.

PLEASE NOTE: There are three types of decal that are available from this site.
Type 1. Peel off the backing and stick on. Printed on the sticky side of clear vinyl usually. Example Early Tank Decal ( A2/865)
Type 3. Peel off the backing, stick on, peel off the top paper leaving behind a very thin film. Example Commando Tail Section decal (035039)
Type 2. Die cut vinyls. Peel off the backing, stick on, peel off the top application paper leaving behind vinyl decal. Example Commando Tank decal (064880) Watch the Decal Application Video
ALSO. The old water slide decals are now almost a thing of the past. They do not take kindly to today's clear coats (acrylic or 2 pak) and will curl up into a mess if sprayed. They have to be very carefully coated with many light coats of varnish.


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Watch the Decal Application Video


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